Accept Both Credit & Debit Cards

Charis helps you to quickly get set up to accept both Credit and Debit card donations on your website. We’ll assist you in gaining merchant account approval so that all donations can be accepted in a direct manner. Because donors will see your organization’s name listed on all statements, you’ll gain all the benefits that come from presenting a more professional image to your donation partners.

Unlimited Events

The process of creating and managing events is easier than ever with the Charis system. Our clients can create an event, closely monitor the registration process, and accept donation payments. The platform even provides you with the capabilities you need to gather specific information on each attendee during the registration process. For example, are you having an event that offers t-shirts for participants? Use the registration process to collect shirt sizes!

Flexible Donor Accounts

With our systems, you can give your donors the option to simplify their donations by setting up donor accounts. This can help them to track billing details and manage their ongoing, recurring gifts. This capability is optional, so that donors have the freedom to choose how they want to manage their transactions. For example, recurring donors can choose to either setup an account for simpler payments, or forego the account process and go through the payment steps each time they donate.

Quick and Efficient Donations Deposits

There’s nothing quite like an efficient system for banking deposits. With Charis, every donation your organization receives can be quickly deposited in the appropriate banking account. In most instances, credit or debit card payments get processed within two days, providing your organization with rapid access to donor funds. This eliminates the need for in-person bank deposits or traditional mail delivery.

Donating via e-Check

The Automated Clearing House, or ACH, feature for bank check payments remains popular with many consumers who shy away from credit cards and debit payment systems. With our systems, donors will be able to utilize their checking account information to make donations on your website. All they have to do is enter the appropriate bank account and routing details, and their donations are transferred from their banking accounts directly to the organization’s account.

Powerful Reporting Tools

It’s one thing to take donations. It’s quite another to actually have the right tools in place to properly track activity. Charis Giving provides the tools you need to gain immediate and real-time access to your organization’s donation activity. You get to control who has access to these management tools, so that only authorized personnel get to see the array of stats, charts, donation details, and export options.

Solutions for Accountants

An accountant’s work is never done, so we’ve designed our systems to make that work as stress-free as possible. Charis systems are engineered with CSV exports in mind, to simplify the process of exporting transaction information into the most popular software programs used by the number-crunchers. Even more important, we’re eager to ensure that our programs remain flexible enough for your accounting or bookkeeping personnel.

Tools to Prevent Fraud

Fraud is not exactly a major issue with these types of donation programs, but there’s no reason to take chances. We’ve gone to great lengths to include a number of design features that help to prevent against common criminal activity. We use security card codes, address verification, and similar fraud prevention measures to ensure that your organization and its donor base are always protected.

Secure Donation Platforms

Online payments and donations can be risky when websites lack the right level of security. Charis understands this danger and has worked to reduce the risk. We remain committed to assessing current threats, while also identifying future dangers. We continually evaluate our own systems so that we identify potential vulnerabilities before the bad guys even get the chance to try. To ensure our success, we use the latest military-grade encryption on all data. We’re so zealous about this mission that we’ve even designed our own security protocols to ensure that we never store customer credit card details.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • The power to accept gift donations or payments on your organization’s website
  • The ability to create unlimited funding designations
  • Powerful donation transaction reporting and export capabilities
  • Compatibility with most CMS
  • Simplified donation form creation
  • Multiple account administrators
  • Customized user settings and limitations
  • The power to cancel and refund donations or payments
  • Easy access to view individual donor accounts and manage them
  • Unlimited event creation, guest tracking, and data gathering capabilities

Benefits for your Donors

  • Choose to give using a personal donor account or on a donation-by-donation basis
  • Entire gifting process consists of just three easy steps
  • Choose how donations are used
  • Simplified donor activity through use of donor accounts
  • Setup recurring gift and manage transactions
  • Receive email reminders prior to any automatic transaction
  • Donors can use credit cards, debit, and e-check
  • Each transaction provides donor with a printable receipt.
  • Receipts are also emailed after each transaction
  • The name of the organization appears on donor statement from bank

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Reports can be generated detailing all payments and donations
  • Graph capabilities are included with program
  • More detailed data available for each gift
  • Reports can be received on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • All reports are compatible with Excel and various financial programs

Security Benefits

  • Passwords protected against brute force access attempts
  • Where possible, all billing addresses are verified for donor protection
  • SSL/TLS security in all management areas and forms
  • Emails from donor accounts are verified
  • We regularly scan the server and application for vulnerabilities
  • Donor information is provided highest level of security
  • We never store credit card details or other sensitive financial details
  • Military-grade symmetric encryption is used to guard all sensitive organization information
  • We constantly reassess security to reduce risk from common and emerging dangers

Additional Features

  • SWIPE capabilities included, enabling in-person donation receipt
  • Mobile giving enabled using iPhones or Android technology
  • Kiosk-compatible. Contact us for more details!
  • Text giving is now available!