Charis Giving Solutions is an online service that makes taking electronic donations, payments and event registrations easy.

About Our Founder

As the founding partner of The Charis Group family of stewardship resources Mark Brooks is one of the leaders in applying new technology to see an increase in giving. He started Charis Giving Solutions to meet this new rise of digital commerce.

With over 20 years of pastoral experience in a wide variety of church settings, Mark has been in about every church environment imaginable, from the very small to one of the fastest growing churches in the country. In addition to pastoral ministry, Mark has also worked on the board level of various local, state, and national ministries.

In 1998, Mark left the pastorate to enter into the stewardship field. Before starting The Charis Group he had risen to the level of Vice President at Injoy Stewardship Services. Mark has worked in a cross section of churches across the nation. He has experience in virtually every type of church setting from small to large, from main line denominations to seeker sensitive settings. He has worked in campaigns that range in size from the largest church in North America to emerging churches.

A prolific writer, Mark has written several print books and many e-books and various magazine articles. He also writes a monthly online column for Christian ministry leaders entitled, “The Stewardship Coach.” These columns focus on the current trends impacting leaders today and gives practical advice on how to solve them. He also writes a blog called “The Stewardship Coach“.

Mark has been married thirty seven years to his wife Valerie. They have two children. His son, Jon, was a Captain in the Army and a decorated Iraqi war veteran who is now employed with Deloitte Consulting in Washington D.C. Jon and his wife Lianna have one child, Zoe who is three. Mark and Valerie’s daughter Amy is married to Captain Nick Cherry who has served two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Amy and Nick have three children, Jackson who is seven, Paige who is four and Graham who is one. They currently are posted to Fort Knox, KY.


Mark Brooks